Happy Artsy Sunday! I just want to share my recent works on Sketchbook Pro. I’m so loving this app on iPad! Sorry for the ugly handwriting, I’m still learning how to perfect it on iPad. Haha! I don’t know when and where to use this designs though.. Maybe a watermark? Or a future logo?

Out of the four designs, my favorite is the last one. How about you? 

Comments? Suggestions? :)

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Posted on May 20, 2012
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  1. serpentinestreets answered: Super cute! The last two are my favourites :)
  2. bybeedazzled answered: Cutie! I love the third one :)
  3. alalalalanis answered: 3rd pretty :’)
  4. joananabananas answered: They’re all so pretty! it’s hard to choose. So cute! :)
  5. marellacruz answered: 2nd and 3rd! :)
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